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Running a Sonicwall TZ570 SSLVPN parallel to another security device.


A little backstory....

Our company recently upgraded our infrastructure to Comcast EDI with SD-WAN and Firewall at 5 locations which will tie the offices together. I have a Sonicwall TZ570 at our headquarters location that I would like to use for VPN clients to connect from home. I was told by one of the Comcast engineers that I would be able to use the Sonicwall device parallel to their security device using one of the /29 addresses.

The SD-WAN device is occupying the former LAN address of the Sonicwall ( I changed the Sonicwall to and plugged back into our lan switch. I was able to add one of the /29 addresses to the WAN ports on the Sonicwall and successfully connect to the VPN via NetExtender.

Currently the VPN clients have their own IP address range ( when they connect.

I had them add a static route on the SD-WAN device of via

My issue is what happens after I connect. I can ping resources on my LAN ( But I cant access or ping anything at my other branch locations (,,, and

I am sure this is a routing issue but I am at a dead end.

Am I missing something or can this not be done the way I am doing it?

Please let me know if any clarity is needed.

I appreciate any help!

Category: SSL VPN
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