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Use dedicated isp for routing certain application

I have 2 Wan IP and would like to use one of them for routing skype and video traffic only. Can I configure it on Sonicwall ?
Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    Hello @Harshi_0614,

    I would just like to add that this was introduced in 6.5.2.x onwards. Also, the firewall does not apply this as soon as the route policy is created as we see for a normal PBR (Policy based routing).

    It learns about the protocol ID, the IPs that it contacts, the services that it uses and adds that to its App-ID cache and then for all subsequent connections made it uses the static route added for the application.

    So, once you add this route, please give the firewall some time to learn the same and then apply this routing action.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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    Harshi_0614Harshi_0614 Newbie ✭
    Thank you it worked .
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    NevyadithaNevyaditha Moderator

    I am glad suggestion worked. Thank you for the update.

    Nevyaditha P

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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