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NetExtender 10.2.336 command line issues

LadelleLadelle Newbie ✭

We have for years used the command line option in necli,exe to manage the VPN connections on devices including up to 10.2.331.

I'm testing the 10.2.336 release form Aug 2. The prompt for entereing the 2FA code has changed. The connection can be established OK using the connect option.

The problem then is using the showstatus or disconnect options, both stop responding and pressing CTRL+C breaks the app back to command line but leave an instance running. Previously I could open the GUI and use that to check status or disconnect but that now fails to even render.

This is using Windows 10 Pro x64 22H2 with 2023-08 updates.

Has anyone else tried this version ?


Category: SSL VPN
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