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MySonicWall API to Provision/Edit a MSSP Monthly product

chandanchandan SonicWall Employee
edited August 2023 in Developer Hub

Some context on MySonicWall API endpoint for provisioning/editing a MSSP Monthly Product-

We have an API endpoint- POST /api/mssp/allocatemsspproductservices (under My Products on API Documentation page) - This API endpoint can be used for both – provisioning a new product or modifying an product details. You need to enter the respective "mode" while running this API.

Here are the Parameters for provisioning a new product and modifying an existing product :

  1. Provisioning a new MSSP Monthly product:

To Provision a new Product, first you need to get the MSSP Monthly Product's parameter details like corresponding ProductID, serviceId, regionName, regionID - You need to run an API query- GET /api/mssp/applicable-mssp-product-services using your MSW API key. It will list all the MSSP Monthly Product's corresponding parameters. Here is a snapshot for your reference:

Once you have your product parameters ready, you can run the below API to provision a new MSSP Monthly product.

Endpoint- POST /api/mssp/allocatemsspproductservices



 {"ProductID":"401","serviceId":"6759","nodeCount":"99999","expirationDate":"Never","regionName":"San Jose, North America","regionID":"1","serialNumber":"","productGroupId":"2356529","friendlyName":"Capture Client - MSSP ABC Tenant","isHA":"NO","Mode":"PROVISION"}

2. Editing an Existing MSSP Monthly Product:

Endpoint- POST /api/mssp/allocatemsspproductservices

 Mode= EDIT

 Sample below-

  {"ProductID":"401","serviceId":"6759","nodeCount":"100","expirationDate":"Never","serialNumber":"CC000002B10C","productGroupId":"2356529","friendlyName":"Capture Client - MSSP ABC Tenant","isHA":"NO","Mode":"EDIT"}

Please post your queries here if you face any issues.



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