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Seeking Assistance with SonicWall Configuration for

Hello SonicWall Community,

I'm a developer working on, a website dedicated to providing users with trusted APK files for Android. Recently, we have encountered some issues which we believe are linked to SonicWall configurations. I hope someone here might be able to assist.


Some of our users, especially those behind a SonicWall firewall, have reported issues accessing our site or downloading APK files. They either experience slow speeds, timeouts, or are unable to reach the website altogether.

What I've Tried So Far:

  1. Checked server logs: No unusual activity or error messages related to this.
  2. Accessed the website from multiple networks (both behind SonicWall and others): The problem seems specific to networks behind SonicWall.
  3. Reviewed our website's SSL certificate and other security configurations: Everything seems in order.


  1. Is there a specific rule or setting in SonicWall that might be causing this?
  2. Could SonicWall be flagging APK files or the site in general due to some security policies? If so, how can we ensure our users that our content is safe and should be whitelisted?
  3. Are there any best practices or configurations we should be aware of to make our website more compatible with SonicWall firewalls?

I'd greatly appreciate any insights or experiences anyone can share. We want to ensure our users have uninterrupted access to our website, regardless of the firewall or security solutions they're behind.

Thank you in advance!

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    MustafaAMustafaA SonicWall Employee

    @apkbudy , I'd suggest to check the Log Events on the firewall. Before doing this, make sure that the firewall is properly configured to log the firewall events, such as logging for App Control being enabled, logging level properly selected (eg. Inform), log events enabled etc. Also, having a look into the browser "Developer Tools" may give some insight into the problem.

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