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MustafaAMustafaA SonicWall Employee public APIs are available as of August 3rd, 2023.

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    chandanchandan SonicWall Employee

    Some context on MySonicWall API endpoint for provisioning a new Product under MSSP Monthly-

    We have an API endpoint- POST /api/mssp/allocatemsspproductservices (under My Products on API Documentation page) - This API endpoint can be used for both – provisioning a new product or modifying an product details. You need to enter the respective "mode" while running this API.

    Here are the Parameters for provisioning a new product and modifying an existing product :

    1. Provisioning a new MSSP Monthly product:

    To Provision a new Product, first you need to get the MSSP Monthly Product's parameter details like corresponding ProductID, serviceId, regionName, regionID - You need to run an API query- GET /api/mssp/applicable-mssp-product-services using your MSW API key. It will list all the MSSP Monthly Product's corresponding parameters. Here is a snapshot for your reference:

    Once you have your product parameters ready, you can run the below API to provision a new MSSP Monthly product.

    Endpoint- POST /api/mssp/allocatemsspproductservices



     {"ProductID":"401","serviceId":"6759","nodeCount":"99999","expirationDate":"Never","regionName":"San Jose, North America","regionID":"1","serialNumber":"","productGroupId":"2356529","friendlyName":"Capture Client - MSSP ABC Tenant","isHA":"NO","Mode":"PROVISION"}

    2. Editing an Existing MSSP Monthly Product:

    Endpoint- POST /api/mssp/allocatemsspproductservices

     Mode= EDIT

     Sample below-

      {"ProductID":"401","serviceId":"6759","nodeCount":"100","expirationDate":"Never","serialNumber":"CC000002B10C","productGroupId":"2356529","friendlyName":"Capture Client - MSSP ABC Tenant","isHA":"NO","Mode":"EDIT"}

    Please post your queries here if you face any issues.



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    chandanchandan SonicWall Employee
    edited November 2023

    With the release of MSW 22.9.4, we have enabled MySonicWall API permission to all MSW users by default.

    Refer to release notes for more details:

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