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VPN only for known devices


Hi there,

I have the following issue:

We have a NSA 6650. We use SSL VPN which works like a charm.

We want to restrict VPN access only for known devices (managed computers from our company).

The problem is that some of our users install the Netextender on their private machines illegally.

Does anybody have an idea how to manage that only "allowed" computers can use the SSL VPN connection?

I guess filtering via Mac-Address won't work because of routing (TCP/IP Layer 3).

Thanks in advance,



Category: SSL VPN

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    SGITSGIT Newbie ✭

    Thank you for your answers.

    Restricting to Wan is not possible because lots of them use DSL connections at home where the WAN-IP changes every 24 hours (forced reconnect).

    So I understand that I need a SMA which have those features that I need, is that right? SMA in addition to the NSA?



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