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Bandwidth management is not working.

I cannot use the 100MB defined for the transfer, the traffic is lower.

I have an NSa3650, I have the X1 interface with 300MB operator A and the X3 interface with 300MB operator B, I have a Load Balance configured between the interfaces configured as WAN.

I enabled the "Enable Interface Egress Bandwidth Limitation" and "nable Interface Ingress Bandwidth Limitation" option in the advanced configuration tab and informed the speed of 307200.000000kbps

I enabled the "Advanced" option in the "Firewall Settings/Bandwidth Management" part

I created a rule in the "Objects/Bandwidth Objects" option with 100Mb in the "Guaranteed Bandwidth:" field and with 100Mb in the "Maximum Bandwidth:" field, in the "Traffic Priority:" option I left it as 0 Realtime. I enabled the option "Enable Per-IP Bandwidth Management" and "Maximum Bandwidth:" with 99Mb.

I created the rule and enabled in the BWM tab the options "Enable Egress Bandwidth Management ('Allow' rules only)" and "Enable Ingress Bandwidth Management ('Allow' rules only)" by selecting my created rule defined with a speed of 100M.

I hope I explained.

Bandwidth management is active and rules are created and applied.

Category: High End Firewalls


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