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Internet access very slow using Global VPN Client with split tunnels using WAN GroupVPN on NSA 5600

TrevorTrevor Newbie ✭

Our guys have been using the Global VPN Client to access a Remote Desktop server from their laptops through our NSA 5600 for many years. They had been doing it using an integrated WWAN cellular card. Now they have switched to using WiFi through their cell phone hot spots. The VPN is working, but it is split up for split tunnels and their other Internet access is extremely slow.

I found a couple threads here with similar problems, and one of them said to use the Global VPN Client version 5. But the latest available version appears to be I have also seen where people are referred to this page, but I'm not sure whether the information still applies, since the article is from 2017?

Category: VPN Client

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