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SplitTunneling for IPSec VPN

KDavisKDavis Newbie ✭
edited June 2023 in Entry Level Firewalls

We are using IPSec VPN via L2TP for user remote access. As far as I can tell I have the firewall set up to do split tunneling, but it doesn't seem to be working. ALL internet traffic for users connecting this way is going through the tunnel, which we don't want. Can someone tell me what I'm missing?

This is happening on multiple sonicwall models and firmware (TZ series running both 6.x and 7.x) so I think it must be a config issue.

I've attached a screenshot of the split tunneling setting currently in place for the WAN GroupVPN Policy.

With this config, I've verified when I tracert to the internet, the traffic is going out through the tunnel, not the local ISP connection of the client.

Thanks for any insight.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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