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Access to Static Route over SSL VPN

flotecconfloteccon Newbie ✭

Hi All, Have TZ300 WAN x.x.x.x LAN 10.10.10.x

Have remote network TZ190 WAN LAN 192.168.10.x allowing all traffic in and out unrestricted

custom route in place to connect traffic on 10.10.10.x to 192.168.10.x works perfectly for traffic on 10.10.10.x to get to 192.168.10.x

SSLVPN users over net extender can see 10.10.10.x network but not 192.168.10.x

Statis Route source is "Any" so I thought SSL VPN included AND I added VPN client access to object. Maybe I need another static route for SSL VPN DHCH?

Any thought would be appreciated. Thanks

Category: SSL VPN


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