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Firewall forums - which one to use?

Simon_WeelSimon_Weel Enthusiast ✭✭

@Community Manager

On the Home page, clicking category Firewalls will bring up several sub-forums. The first three are Entry level, Mid range and High end. But it doesn't specify which appliances belong to which forum? Like where do I post about my TZ470?

Category: Water Cooler

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    Community ManagerCommunity Manager Administrator
    Answer ✓

    Both @TKWITS and @BWC are correct!

    As a community manager, I encourage you all to post your questions and contribute your expertise wherever you feel is most appropriate, even if it doesn't align with the predefined categories. We value the diverse perspectives and experiences that each of you brings to the table, and it's through open discussions that we can collectively learn and grow.

    So please don't hesitate to explore different sections of the forum, initiate new topics, or join existing discussions. Your active participation is what makes our community thrive.

    To answer your specific question, @Simon_Weel, the best subcategory for a TZ 470 related question would be in the "Entry Level Firewalls" subcategory.


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