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How can I configure bandwidth management with limits per IP?

I'm having an issue with NSa3700.

I have submitted a ticket to the SonicWall support portal, but I haven't received a satisfactory response yet, so I'm posting here to ask for assistance.

1. I am using a 100Mbps Internet Leased Line (ILL) on Interface X1.

2. On X1, under BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT, I have set the maximum Ingress/Egress (kbps) to 100,000.

3. In the OBJECT section, I created a new profile named "CONTROL BW DOWNLOAD FOR ILL."

  - Under GENERAL, I set:

   + Guaranteed BW = 100 Mbps

   + Maximum BW = 100 Mbps

   + Traffic Priority: 0 Realtime

   + Violation Action: Delay

  - Under ELEMENTAL, I set:

   + Enabled Per-IP BW Management

   + Maximum BW: 5 Mbps

My objective is to limit each user in the LAN network to a download speed of 5Mbps to allocate bandwidth for other users.

4. In the POLICY section, the policy is set from LAN to WAN.

  - Under Traffic Shaping, I enabled Ingress BWM.

However, when I tried to download a 90GB file from Google Drive, my download speed still reached 10Mbps.

Please help me ensure that the download speed is limited to 5Mbps.

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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