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SSL-VPN to VPN remote network

GisazaGisaza Newbie ✭

I am needing your help community people. I Have this scenario.

Main office (Point A)

Branch Office (Point B)

There is an existing point-to-point VPN between Point A to Point B working smoothly, So, I have some users that work from home, they are accessing Point A through SSL-VPN without problem, Now my target is to allow some of those users to (SSL-VPN ones) to get access to Point B network. I tried creating a NAT policy and adding the Point B subnet object to in CLient Routes into SSL VPN Client Setting tap the client settings but they still are not able to find the Point B network from SSL VPN.

Any suggestion?

Category: SSL VPN


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    GisazaGisaza Newbie ✭

    Yes, I made it, but you didn't find it. Thanks for your help, it works.

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