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GMS 9.3 Clear DB

Halon5Halon5 Enthusiast ✭✭

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know how to clear the DB and start again without breaking GMS ???

It's getting full.

Thanks, Steph.

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    dpreshawdpreshaw SonicWall Employee


    If the database is consuming a large quantity of disk space, we would first have to identify which database table(s) are causing the issue. In GMS deployments of 50 or more firewalls, it is possible that tables such as "Settings" (table used to store firewall EXP files) can consume large amounts of space overtime. This can generally be resolved without any interference of GMS operation. However, this task is best suited for a Support case. The general steps that would need to be performed are:

    -Gain access to the GMS database

    -Stop necessary GMS services

    -Take a backup of the affected database tables

    -Rebuild the affected tables to limit the amount of space used

    -Restart services or server

    Disk space consumed by the database will not be restored to the OS by simply deleting data from GMS (or deleting rows from the database tables). As mentioned, working with Support to identify the correct root cause and proper methods of deletion would be recommended if GMS is not being re-installed.


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