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A marketing email from SonicWall should be straightforward, yet I had to search the internet

LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

New marketing email from SonicWall appears in my inbox. The subject is:

Explore the Switch Series During our Next 30’ Cafe Tech!

I'm wondering: why have they made a 30 foot cafe? And whatever does that have to do with tech?

Confused, I read the email in its entirety, and at the end it said: Duration: 30’

It took me a few minutes to realize they are using that apostrophe looking symbol to mean "minutes" and it is a 30 minute meeting.

So I've got to ask: what, exactly, is wrong with you marketing people?

Category: Water Cooler


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    Community ManagerCommunity Manager Administrator
    edited May 2023

    @Larry, you make a fair point. Although your tone is a bit harsh (SonicWall has amazing marketing talent) I will pass your comment along for evaluation.


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    TerriTerri Administrator
    Hi Larry - SonicWall Marketing here - I totally agree with you. By way of explanation this was a regional campaign that became very popular and took on a global growth path. In the original region it is super common for an apostrophe to replace the “minutes” abbreviation but it certainly does not translate on a global level. We’ve educated our group internally to modify this for future campaigns. Thanks for the feedback!

    VP, Web and Digital Experience, SonicWall. Get my attention by tagging @Terri on the Community.

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