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Cannot get DHCP from VLAN sub-interface in Router-on-a-Stick configuration

We have a TZ-570 with a Sonicwall 24-port switch coming off the X7 interface and going to Port 1 on the switch. The IP of the interface is The X7 is s a common uplink (MGMT) port.

We need to VLAN out 3 ports (22-24) on the switch. I created a sub-interface VLAN on X7, IP with DHCP. I edited port 22 on the switch as follows: Portshield = X7, VLAN = 100, Type = Access. The VLAN View on the switch correctly shows Port 1 as a Trunk.

According to Sonicwall's documentation, Port 1 on the switch is automatically a Trunk port because it is a management port. In fact, I cannot edit settings for Port 1 (as expected). Unfortunately, no devices will pull a 100.x IP from port 22. I've compared the Access, NAT, and Routing Rules to other VLAN sub-interfaces on other ports, and the types of rules match (all default rules created when I established the VLAN). Do I need a custom rule for DHCP? What am I missing??

Here is the documentation and guides I've been using.

Router on a Stick configuration using SonicWall Switch | SonicWall

How can I configure Sub-Interfaces? | SonicWall

Thank you for your time.

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    光热斗光热斗 Newbie ✭

    Did you set up your DHCP server on the Firewall or on the switch?

    If it the DHCP server is on the Firewall, make add ip-helper command for your VLAN

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