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Is MySonicWALL Up?

Halon5Halon5 Enthusiast ✭✭

Can't seem to get in? (Community Authenticated OK- how i got here).

Category: Water Cooler

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    fmadiafmadia Moderator
    Answer ✓

    @Halon5 and @BWC: thanks for reporting this and apologies for the late response. We've observed this issue and our team worked to resolve it asap. The issue was resolved in the very early hours of Sunday and so far everything seems to be working as expected.


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    Halon5Halon5 Enthusiast ✭✭

    OK... after waiting for SNWL Customer Support on hold for 00:25:15 I am now going to give up and go back to "Sunday". Looks like I finally got a 2FA setup request after resetting my password... now it just fails to verify...

    SNWL servers overloaded? hmmm.

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    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    Steph, if there was a global issue it seems to be fixed, Login and 2FA (by mail) worked fine. Sunday is almost over at your kneck of the woods, MSW has to wait til Monday :)


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