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Native VLAN tagging(?) on SWS14-48FPOE

bKSdsTbKSdsT Newbie ✭


I'm involved in a scenario where I'd like to utilize VLAN tagging down to a Virtual Switch (vSwitch) level for Virtual Machines (VMs) Net. comm. to be segmented and I've already gathered doc. / req. for the vSwitch which (essentially) state "do not use the Native VLAN on the physical switch - if you do, they must be tagged coming out of the physical switch which some simply don't do." (Physical switch is a SonicWall SWS14-48FPOE.)

I haven't, yet, come across SonicWall documentation / online reference confirming or suggesting that the (default) Native VLAN can be tagged on egress (outgoing) and if it's a setting that's able to be enabled / disabled.

Aside from just creating a new VLAN ID + tagged / untagged ports and join devices already attached to the SW Switch using the (default) Native VLAN, can it be confirmed that the (default) Native VLAN ID can be appended to outgoing packets & how?

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  • bKSdsTbKSdsT Newbie ✭

    Has been almost ~2wks since my (the) original post so commenting to "renew" inquiry.

    I'd just like to know if setting the correct "Tagged Ports" for the (default) VID1 on the SW Switch will result in them actually getting *tagged* leaving the Switch ports or not.

    Again, no SW documentation / forum post I've come across details this BUT documentation on the other end (VM server) to work in conjunction w/ the Virtual Switch(es) states "do not use VID1 b/c aren't usually tagged when leaving physical switch."

    This is regarding a *Production Net.* which was entirely built on the (default) VID1 w/ no other VLAN / 802.1Q designations specified (until recently whenever I became involved) so I'm essentially just seeing if I can save billable time by NOT having to setup more VIDs + migrate VMs / vSwitch ports to the new VIDs (from the default VID1) or even spare potential excessive service interruptions by finding out VID1 simply won't work if tried.

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