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SonicWall TZ370 - VPN Setup for Remote Site

It will be direct to an ISP, much like any home network, though there will not likely be high bandwidth. Two windows stand-alone Windows 10 systems that our customer needs to be able to remote desktop into as well as copy files from. There is also a third, F-OS fiber switch device that has a web-based interface they would like to access. Data is not critical or sensitive, but they want to at least protect with firewall and use VPN. Only one customer or a small handful of people would need to remote desktop into system to change software settings for sensors, so no heavy use. Systems should remain isolated from Internet, no need for updates or changes.

Have tried several options to make VPN work and watched many videos, but there seems to be too many options and I am not sure what the best and simplest option. Thank you for any help that can be offered.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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