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Dashlane won't sign into TZ470

Does anyone use Dashlane Password Manager to access the admin UI on a TZ470 (or any TZ for that matter) through the LAN I/F and found that it no longer works? I'm running firmware 7.0.1-5065.

We've used Dashlane for years to access our network equipment and for the last month or so it won't work on the SonicWall. It will fill in the user and pw fields, but you cannot sign in.

If I type garbage into those fields, I get a red banner at the top that says Error - Incorrect name/password.

If I let Dashlane fill in the fields, I get NO red banner, but neither enter nor clicking the Login icon gets you anywhere.

If I manually type in the fields (you must type into BOTH fields) with the exact same info that Dashlane has, both Enter and the icon will sign me in.

We've tried this on two PCs with two Dashlane accounts with the same results. When you show the pw, the user and pw fields have the correct entries, but the system won't let you go any farther. Manually typing them in, however, works fine.

This is really a bit of a pain. We have so many pieces of equipment, all with different credentials. A pw manager is really the only way to go. Any thoughts?


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    LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    No experience with Dashlane; however, please note this about your firmware.

    5080 was available in November 2022. 5095 was available in January 2023. 5111 was released at the start of March 2023.

    Perhaps if you update the firmware on the device, the Dashlane functionality might work. At the very least, your device will be current (and other known problems will have been fixed).

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    eddielaeddiela Newbie ✭

    RUSSF, I am seeing this on all of my Gen7 Sonicwalls as well. This does not seem to have any impact on my Gen6 models though.

    Funny thing is that Dashlane still works on my Gen7 Sonicwalls if I log in from home. Does not work on my work laptop or any new computers that I try to configure Dashlane on to connect to my routers.

    Wish I had more info or a solution.

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    eddielaeddiela Newbie ✭

    RUSSF, I did a little digging, my home PC is running version 6.2306.0 of the Dashlane extension. Work PC is running version 6.2311.4. My guess is that this Dashlane update is the culprit. I submitted a case to Dashlane, I'll post here if I hear anything useful.

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    RussFRussF Newbie ✭

    --> "Perhaps if you update the firmware on the device, the Dashlane functionality might work. "

    That's very possible, and I have 5111 uploaded and ready to install. I typically wait a month or so to install new firmware to make sure that it is stable - unless, of course, it would fix a problem that I already have. The funny thing is that Dashlane WAS working on my existing 5065 until a month or so ago.

    --> "Funny thing is that Dashlane still works on my Gen7 Sonicwalls if I log in from home. ... Work PC is running version 6.2311.4. ... I submitted a case to Dashlane"

    We've got 6.2311.3 and that could very well be the reason. That's why I thought I would post here and see if others were having the same issue to determine WHO I should submit a case to. It's also interesting that between the two of us, we have 3 different versions running (mine is on Chrome). I find now way in DL to either get, suspend, nor roll back a version. One would think that when an update was rolled out, everyone would automatically get it.

    Thank you for submitting a case. I will as well. Did you upload a copy of the HTML code for the login screen to them?


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