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Interesting VPN / DNS question

IanJIanJ Newbie ✭
edited March 2023 in Mid Range Firewalls

We currently have an issue as follows: -

Fred is a local user configured on the SonicWALL. Within the VPN section of the local user page, it is setup so that Fred can access only the network from his client VPN

Fred needs to be able to resolve DNS queries against the DNS server located at for resources located in the network.

Fred is not allowed access to anything on the network except for resolving DNS queries against the DNS server

Currently, when connected over the GVPNC DNS lookups to fail, as expected.

The GVPNS is configured as a split tunnel with split DNS.

Of course, if I add the X0 interface to the VPN tab in the user page, everything works as expected.

How may we best resolve this issue to allow Fred to resolve DNS queries against the DNS server at whilst blocking him from accessing anything else on the network?

Many thanks.

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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