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Secure Endpoint Manager - Agent

When my clients login with the SecureEndpointManager 12.41.981
They get a pop-up before the webifiers are loaded with the following text:


Click Activate to load the agents.

Activate (button)

Can I change anything to not let the users have this annoying pop-up where they need to click on all the time ? It’s even this bad that if users don’t click this activate button they cannot rdp to the right session.

Help is appreciated

Gr Ron
Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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    Rnnh2023Rnnh2023 Newbie ✭
    Anyone has a solution for this annoying problem ?
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    vkrtandravkrtandra SonicWall Employee

    @Rnnh2023, SEM client and the entire workplace flow including agent activation has been revamped in 12.4.2 release. Agents are auto activated, and users are no longer required to click any button on home page. You may want to upgrade to 12.4.2 and check the new functionality.

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