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About led colou code in sonicwave 621. connection unstable

alfonsalfons Newbie ✭
edited March 2023 in SonicWave


I write from Barcelona and I'm newbie in sonicwave equipment.

I am in my first deployment and i am experiencing several issues.

SW 621 are attached to a PoE switch, and this switch to a wlan zone interface at the TZ 670.

I see that the LAN led is in red . When I had two of them on the table one was in orange and other in green.

Can anybody tell me the meaning of the led colour?

I must to subscribe a certain number of fitness machines and the transfer rate is unstable. Some times they download at 50 mbps and sometines at 0.5 mpss. AP is on the ceeling and machines 15-20 mts. away

I wish anybody can help me.

Thanks in advanced

Category: SonicWave


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