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Sonicwave 621 | Legacy SonicPoint VAP "scheduled" access times for a specific SSID

2_Meh2_Meh Newbie ✭

Acknowledging that Sonicwave 621 units can currently only be managed by WNM, is there any way to create an SSID with "scheduled" access times. Specifically blocking access on a given SSID say from 11pm till 6am??

We have a facility that made use of that type of functionality provided with VAP objects.

I am hoping I have overlooked something easy. At this point I would embrace a convoluted work around if needs be; Facility Managers absolutely want ability to schedule "Guest" access.

If not, is it possible to submit a product enhancement request?

FYI - the new radios are a huge improvement over the Legacy SonicPoints that were replaced.

Best regards, Kelly Keith

Category: SonicWave

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  • 2_Meh2_Meh Newbie ✭

    Thanks much!

    WNM is, well new to me. Or, I am new to WNM; a bit of both, to be sure.

    Again, thanks so much for the pointer. Once I was able to create a corresponding "Schedule" object, applying that schedule and a suitable Content Filter to a facility specific SSID became my next steps.

    Best Regards, Kelly

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