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Configuring Two LANs on SOHO Firewall

I am not a techie. I'm just a small business owner trying to manage my small network. I have a VOIP server exposed to the WAN, but other than that, it is all outbound traffic. However, I now have a "sister company" that will be co-located with my original company and they will share the internet access. For various reasons I need to segregate their traffic so that Company A does not see the traffic for Company B and vice versa. So. my plan was to add a second LAN that can access the internet through the firewall, that is completely separate from the original LAN that is currently configured.

In my current setup, I have a Sonicwall SOHO firewall with the X1 port connected to the ISP. Then, I have my original router (running in AP mode) which provides wired and wireless access to internal devices (including the VOIP server) and the internet. That router is connected to the X4 interface of the Sonicwall. The X4 interface in portshielded to the X0 interface and both are part of the LAN zone. The W0, or WLAN zone is bridged to the X0 port.

Now, I need to add the second, isolated LAN/WLAN. So I was thinking I would connect a second router (also running in AP Mode) to the X3 interface that will have access to its own internal devices and the internet, but NOT have access to the devices on the X4 interface, and vice versa.

My problem is that I do not know if I can do this, or how. I find the Sonicwall documentation very intimidating as it clearly assumes a level of technical expertise that I do not have. I was hoping someone could point me to some resource that could explain, in plain English, what I need to do to properly configure the Sonicwall (and/or routers) to properly configure this.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    jenglerjengler Newbie ✭

    Thanks! That's all the help I needed. It's all setup and working per my requirements.

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    XCSXCS Newbie ✭

    You also might whant the think about VLAN.

    That way you can seperate the LANS even going through the same network cable. Also Small Business Access points can "push" clients to a VLAN. So one access point can have more SSID names each for a different network. Than the data is going to your SonicWall on the same cable, and the SonicWall would split it up in two different VLAN segments, and two different zones.

    After that, you can configure the firewall to block data between the Zones.

    Sometimes it even comes in handy when you change the firewall so that Zone A can access Zone B, but Zone B cannot access Zone A.

    Your network will grow, so you might need to change to a VLAN configured network, instead of creating a single cable for each network and applying the same Access Point to each other.

    For a non tech this might be complicated. But once you got it.... a new world will open for you :)


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    MustafaAMustafaA SonicWall Employee

    Although there are multiple solutions available for this problem, but I like the idea of configuring VLANs and multiple SSID broadcasts. This will also expand the wireless coverage when using multiple access points.

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