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NetExtender - Mark NETLOGON as Deafult in MSI Installer


I'm trying to edit the NetExtender MSI installer with Microsoft Orca but i have no success with it.

I could force the option to be checked adding a NETLOGON property, but the NETLOGON is not being installed.

Does anyone face this issue or/and can help me?

Category: VPN Client


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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    You havent explained what exactly you are trying to accomplish by editing the MSI.

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    thiago_lunathiago_luna Newbie ✭

    What am i trying todo edit is to mark as default the installation of the NETLOGON as explained in the title.

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    TMM14523TMM14523 Newbie ✭

    Also wanting to do the same. Also editing with Orca and was able to find all other switchable options under Property node (server, domain, and editable; even always-on property available), as well as being able to automatically skip desktop shortcut, but no obvious option analogous to the NETLOGON switch.

    This would make it much easier to deploy via GPO and other scenarios.

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