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TZ 400 Loopback User X1 Link Down and Up

joshuamariusjoshuamarius Newbie ✭
edited March 1 in Entry Level Firewalls

Anybody seen this before? I have the exact same setup at multiple locations and only this one is giving me this batch of errors 2-3 times a day with about 12 hours in between. I've tried a new cable to X1 and also forcing the connection to Full Duplex. Text Log below also:

12:06:15 Mar 01 998 Users Inform GUI administration session ended, X0, 0, X0 tcpadmin

12:06:15 Mar 01 261 Users Inform Administrator logged out, X0, 0, X0 tcp Loopback user logout

12:06:11 Mar 01 566 Network AlertI nterface X1 Link Is Down X1

12:06:09 Mar 01 565 Network Alert Interface X1 Link Is Up X1

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • joshuamariusjoshuamarius Newbie ✭

    Forgot to mention, X1 is connected to Frontier FIOS Modem/Router (Fiber Optic Internet Service).

  • MustafaAMustafaA SonicWall Employee

    @joshuamarius I would suggest to test the connection on another free interface on the firewall to isolate if it is a hardware related.

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