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cpu high (after install capture client )

Hello everyone.

My laptop is an asus zenbook 14 (AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20GHz).

After installing the capture client, the laptop's CPU usage rose from 4% to 52%, and the fan ran noisily to cool off the heat.

Checking the process

Sentinel Static engine scanner and Sentinelone agent were using 39% and 9% cpu respectively.

I think it's scanning, but if it works excessively like this, the client pc will feel a lot of burden and the user will be burdened. I wonder if this is normal.

I have a lot of thoughts because it's an amd cpu.

Category: Capture Client

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    erickimerickim Newbie ✭


    There was an alarm saying that I had to reboot, so I rebooted about 3 times and the alarm disappeared, but the laptop was too hot, so I monitored it for about 10 minutes and then deleted it.

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    SmashSmash Newbie ✭
    How long has it been since you installed? S1 will do a baseline scan which will spike CPU usage while it takes a baseline. I'd recommend giving that a while, then rebooting the system. You "should" see things level off. I've seen a disk usage issue on the latest S1 however, where some of the S1 db processes are killing my drives. This is version
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