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Syslog Disk Migration

uinthasuinthas Newbie ✭

I currently am running on-prem Analytics, and trying to migrate to the latest version. Following the instructions to migrate to The instructions state I need to install the newest version, disconnect my existing disk and reconnect to the new version. Problem is I only installed 1 disk, is there a way to migrate the syslogs from my current version onto a second disk and then disconnect it and reconnect on the new version so I do not lose any historical data? I do have a second disk installed now and am running on vmware esxi.

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics


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    dpreshawdpreshaw SonicWall Employee

    Unfortunately, migrating data in a single disk environment will not be supported.

    If this were possible, this would limit the ability to increase the disk space for syslog/reports storage on the installation.

    In this scenario, it is best to power down the installation after gathering any reports needed.

    This system can be kept powered down until the data is no longer needed (the default storage length is 1 month.

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