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Windows 11 ARM - NetExtender

Recently purchased a MacBook Pro M2. I am running VMWare 13 Pro 13.0.1. Created a Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview ARM-based 64-bit virtual machine. Tried to install NetExtender 64bit on the virtual machine. It appears to install, but then I get an error "installation failed". The install continues to run and after reboot, everything seems fine. I launch NextExtender and enter creds and during connection, I consistently get incorrect username and password. I can use the same connection parameters from MAC OS using MobileConnect without issue. I understand this is all very new, just curious if others have tried this combination with success or if anyone knows if MobileConnect or NetExtender will natively support ARM-based silicon.


Category: VPN Client


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    This is not fully supported, I think, Please try this client; if not, please open a support ticket. we can check and confirm the same if needed we can file a bug or RFE.

    Vijay Kumar KV

    Enterprise Tech Support Consultant | SME

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    It is arm-based and cannot install x64 NX. This is not supported currently.

    Vijay Kumar KV

    Enterprise Tech Support Consultant | SME

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    HMSIHMSI Newbie ✭

    when you utilize a standard VM, it emulates an instance of the underlying hardware which in your case is ARM.

    Instead you can use a VM that enables also emulating different architectures - for Mac on Apple Silicon try UTM

    admittedly , it's slow in comparison (you'll have to sacrifice more resources and even then…) but I'm running GVC netextender for x86 without a hitch , it's stable and works like a champ.

    Of course you also will be installing an x64 distro of windows , NOT arm one.

    good luck

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