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TZ270W - Virtual Interface Management doesn't work (Management and Trafic)


I'm currently implementing a LAN virtual interface with the IP in the VLAN 200.

The physical interface which support the virtual got the IP :

This interface is connect to a comware HPE1920-48G and my PC is connect on this switch for testing. (both port access and trunk are configure in VLAN 200).

Both Virtual and Physical are in the LAN zone.

I can't access internet when i use the virtual path but it is working when i connect my PC on the physical port and with an IP in 10.10.11.X /24. The management is working too with the IP

DHCP server on the virtual interface is working and provide me an IP in the range of the VLAN 10.10.10.X /24 when i'm connect on my switch.

I can ping the virtual interface in from my computer and the switch.

But when i try to access the management interface, i got this error :


Actions i tried so far without success:

  • - Activate HTTP and other services in both Management and User part
  • - Use the diag secret menu to activate TLS 1.0 and above
  • - Compare rules and configuration with the default LAN interface
  • - Download old mozilla v35 to allow RS4
  • - Upgrade Firmware to the last one 7.0.1-5095-R3599

As i'm not sure if both problems are link, i prefer give you more data.

I was trying to understand if i have to use some NAT or Routing rules in order to allow the trafic to go from the virtual one to the physical and maybe solve traffic and management issue ?

Thank you for your help,

Best regards.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

Best Answer

    LexESLexES Newbie ✭
    edited February 2023 Answer ✓


    I just create a new zone for my VLAN interface and create rules to/from LAN and WAN and it is working now.

    Thank you.


  • nishanisha Newbie ✭

    What is the most likely cause of the "ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH" error when trying to access the management interface through the virtual interface? I would be very happy if you could let me know, thanks mp bhulekh is the most relevant side. i also try to find out this side.

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