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Getting DHCP to work with IPSEC VPN

Greetings! New to Sonicwall, and still trying to work many things out. I have a TZ570 with SonicOS 7.

I've used the wizard to setup an IPSEC VPN. I want to allow remote clients to have access to resources on my internal network.

Everything is working ok, except the remote clients are unable to get an IP address from my Windows DHCP server.

The Windows DHCP Servers are on interface X2, and the VPN clients seem to be on interface X0. I suspect there is a communication problem sending the DHCP requests from one interface to the other, but I haven't figure out how to allow that.

In the DHCP Server over VPN settings, if I select "Use Internal DHCP Server" - I do get an IP address from the firewall DHCP server, but that also doesn't help me since it only has access to interface X0.

I've tried using the Windows server IP as a DHCP relay, and also forward DHCP requests to the servers, but that doesn't seem to work. Again, I'm guessing there is a communication breakdown from X0 to X2.

Anyhow - if anyone has a suggestion on what I should do to make this work, I will be very grateful.

Category: VPN Client

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