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Troubleshooting inbound message from external sender (ESA 5000)

Overbill6015Overbill6015 Newbie ✭
edited January 2023 in Email Security Appliances

We are not receiving emails from [email protected] which include invoices in PDF form. The PDF attachments are generally about 2.5MB in size and there are generally 2 of these per email. DHL has added several recipients from our organization and none are receiving this email. I had them add my personal account and I receive it without issue. When I got into the message logs in the SMA I see no sign of this email anywhere when I search by From address. I am able to forward the email from my Gmail account to the recipients without issue.

If it isn't appearing at all in the message logs I assume this means it is not failing due to the content within the message, but how would I go about configuring our SMA so that I can see where this is failing?

Category: Email Security Appliances


  • BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @Overbill6015 first, we're talking ES 5000, correct? I suppose you're already running 10.0.19 then?

    Did you enabled this Option in your Connection Management, it helps a little sometimes.

    Logging on Email Security is beyond awful and I lost faith at this point that it'll ever change. You might manually download (worst form of log handling) the logs and grep through it, depending on the log level you might find something.

    Some systems from DHL were on a blacklist a while back which was not helpful. They (DHL) declined to work with me on that so I gave up and it worked a few days later.


  • Michael,

    Thank you for this suggestion! It was not enabled, but it is now. We receive these invoices several times per week so hopefully I'll have some better information to go on now once we receive another batch. I'll look into downloading the logs to see if there is anything helpful there.

    I'm not sure how helpful it is but I did also raise the DNS timeout for SPF a bit as well.

    Thanks again!

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