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Please I have some problem with my dhcp, usually with cellular devices connected to my network they connect and get an ip then no internet.

Then I change the ip to another and the cell phone has internet access again.

Can someone help me?

SonicWall TZ500

IP: /24

Range to /24

Lease Time: 1440

Gateway: /24

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • Hello friend.

    Do you have more details about your DHCP scope environment?

    When you open Smartphone's wireless profile properties while connected, what are the connection details (DNS Server, for example)?

    Best regards!

  • Ok, thank you for your reply.

    Below is my dhcp details:

    Model: SonicWall TZ500

    IP: /24

    Range to /24

    Lease Time: 1440

    Gateway: /24

    DNS 1: (google dns)

    DNS 2: (google dns)

    and I can see this details on mobiles, but it can't able to access the internet... only when I specify an ip address manually. It's looks like an ip conflit, but i cannot see it on sonicwall. A little bit strange.

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