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In NSM Advanced How i will get Particular Wan interface usage report ?

In NSM Advanced How i will get a Particular Wan interface usage report? 

There is an option for an interface but not able to select a particular interface. (Required on Email)

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    dpreshawdpreshaw SonicWall Employee

    The Live Reports listed in the Overview menu of the Monitor tab will have a section for Interface Usage.

    These reports can be filtered while viewing the report in the NSM interface, however, the filter will not carry over to a PDF report Rule/Export.

    A custom filter should allow you to create a report based off of an Initiator or Responder interface.

    Here is a KB article that shows how to create a custom filter that can be used within the Reports>Rules section.

    One caveat when creating the Filter from the Session Logs is that the Inititator and Responder Interface column is not displayed by default.

    You will need to select the Grid Settings to the upper right of the report and enable the following columns.

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