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How to get Palo Alto firewall to work with 24 port SonicWall switch(SWS14-24

bcastorbcastor Newbie ✭

I'm setting up a new network with a Palo Alto firewall and SonicWall switch. I already configured the sub interfaces that I need for my vlans and set a tag number for each one. After tagging the ports that I need on the switch I tested my firewall rules to check for traffic and none of the traffic was going through the firewall. I tried to look something up about configuring a palo alto firewall but seems that there is very little documentation on how to set up that environment right. The management port and the main interface of the firewall is plugged in right and I have access to the management UI on the palo alto so I know that at least the switch is somewhat working.

Is there any documentation that can help me configure a Palo alto firewall with a sonicwall switch? (SWS14-24

Is there any type of special configuration that I need to watch out for?

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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    You might want to ask a Palo Alto community about configuring those.

    BUT standards are standards and if your Palo Alto isn't configured for VLANs than it's not going to 'see' all the traffic from your switch.

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