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Can't Connect from Ubuntu 20.04


I am able to connect via NetExtender on a Windows machine, but when I try from my Ubuntu 20.04 machine, it does not connect. Logs are below, it looks like a success inside of an error...? Then there is a generic authentication error, but we know the logins are good since it works perfectly from a Windows machine. I am connecting to a TZ 400 running firmware version SonicOS Enhanced

ERROR: SSL_connect: Success (0)


ERROR: SSL_connect: Success (0)

Authentication failure: Connection failed. Check log for details.

NetExtender connection failed.

SSL VPN logging out...

ERROR: SSL_connect: Success (0)


ERROR: SSL_connect: Success (0)

Logout command failed

SSL VPN connection is terminated.

Exiting NetExtender client

Any help would be much appreciated, as the logs don't provide much information on where to go or what the actual error is.


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    DanielBDanielB Newbie ✭

    Found the solution. Don't use the installer directly from the sonicwall downloads page. I used the installer linked from the device webUI and it works. it is apparently not compatible with the newest version of Java Runtime Environment, so it is CLI only, but it works and gets me connected to the network needed.

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