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LTE as backup on TZ370

Looking for at LTE/5G solution as WAN backup on my TZ370.

There is only one 5G device on the Sonicwall approved device list with 4G/5G devices (for Worldwide since in Europe), and that is the Huawau E6878 device, which seems impossible to purchase - at least here in Denmark.

So I am looking for an alternative solution....

Somebody having experience with a 5G gateway with LAN port connected to X2 (WAN) on a TZx70 device? Fx a Teltonika TRB500 which sends the public IP from the 5G ISP to its LAN port.

Will that be a solution as good as a 5G device connected to the USB on the TZx70?

Pros and cons?


Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @ullerdk I'am running a few deployments with LTE Backups, usually in conjunction with a Mikrotik LTE router. At the end of the day you can use any vendor which provides a LAN connection, you just need to have a transfer network on your X2 between the SNWL and the LTE router and route accordingly.

    I never used USB because the firewalls are usually in a location with bad reception.

    Be aware that most of the LTE connections are CGNATed, only outbound connections are possible because you don't get a public IP address assigned to the LTE router which you could forward to the SNWL.


  • ullerdkullerdk Newbie ✭

    Hi Michael.

    Thanks for replying :-)

    I think I then will go with a router/gateway solution connected to X2 (WAN2). I am aware that most LTE connections are CGNATed, but that is OK, since the WAN backup is only intended for outgoing traffic.

    I this case there is good 5G reception inside the server-room where the firewall is located - but the Huawei E6878, as mentioned, is not possible to get anywhere, USB will not an option on the TZ370.

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