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Remote VPN connection keeps dropping after setting up multi-factor authentication

We have a TZ600 at two locations with VPNs set up for remote users. Last week I set up multi-factor authentication for myself because the boss wants to implement it company-wide. I worked with a tech at the company who sold/installed/configured the devices and he gave me instructions on setting up MFA. After a couple of tries I finally got my account set up with MFA and logged in successfully. However, it started dropping the connection- a lot. Like 8-10 times over 1.5 hours or less. When I emailed the tech about it his reply was something like "you were probably getting disconnected without MFA but was not aware of it...". That kinda caught me off guard, because I don't know what to do with that information. We have remote users and call center users taking orders and can't be dropping connections. Does anyone have a similar experience like this? What do I need to look at to troubleshoot this?

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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's fairly obvious what to do with the information.

    What one setting did you change?

    Does the issue continue if the setting is changed back to it's original value?

    Do other users without that setting have the same issue?

    This is basic troubleshooting. Pick a variable, change it, see what happens, revert the variable, see what happens, repeat.

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    I checked the TOTP box for my login account. That's the only setting that changed.

    I was able to remote in with MFA. That wasn't a problem. The problem is that it disconnects frequently, which it did not do with MFA activated.

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    VaiVai SonicWall Employee

    @caruncles The VPN connection might be dropping even with MFA not configured and you should troubleshoot the disconnections rather than the MFA. It is just making the disconnection obvious by forcing a re-authentication after disconnection. Check the Windows event viewer logs to see if you have network drops or network changes on the computer.

    If the issue persists please call Sonicwall Support for troubleshooting.

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    How can I troubleshoot disconnections when it's NOT DISCONNECTING when MFA is disabled? I think I would know if I was getting disconnected. The disconnections started after enabling MFA.

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