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Can't ping or RDP other Virtual Networks across VPN

I have a trial NSV270 setup on Azure on its own Virtual Network (VNetA). There are 2 other Virtual Networks on this Azure test system (VNetB and VNetC)

I also have an on-premise system with a TZ670 so I have a Site-to-Site VPN setup.

Everything is working with the expectation that I can't ping or RDP VMs on the other virtual networks (VNetB and VNetC) from on-premise PCs. I can ping and RDP VMs on that are on the same virtual network as the NSv (VNetA) and can ping the on-premise devices from all Azure Virtual Networks as well as ping across the Virtual Networks.

Any clues?

I have tried various rules, disabling Network Security Groups, etc but still will not work.

Category: Virtual Firewall

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