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Teleconferencing over RDP connection fails if over VPN client

I have configured MS Surface Win 11 laptops to connect to our RDP server. Users then can teleconference with patients and have access to all practice resources, including our VOIP telephone system. All works well in the office over wireless connections. Outside of the office, using GVC or SSLVPN, teleconferencing fails. Doctor experiences good video and audio; patient experiences jerky video and garbled audio.

RDP server is Windows 2016, SonicWall appliance is TZ270W.

RDP settings in laptop seem correct or it wouldn't work well in the office (LAN) environment. Remote (home) networks are high speed.

Thank you for help!

Category: SSL VPN


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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    Since no one else has left a comment I will.

    Think about what you are asking your equipment to do: pump HQ video and audio over an RDP connection that goes through a VPN connection over a residential ISP connection to your office ISP connection hosting your RDP server that then goes out the office ISP connection to the patient connection.

    That's quite a bit. Personally I would never recommend this remote setup to anyone.

    That being said what is your TZ270 doing when this is happening? High CPU / RAM usage? Are you using any security services on the Sonicwall? What firmware version are you running?

    What is the load on the RDP server when users are remote?

    You have a TON of variables to consider and haven't given us much info to work with.

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