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Accessing remote WLAN from Central LAN

Have a remote location (USG20W-VPN) connecting to a central location (SonicWall Tz500) via IPSec VPN. The IPsec tunnel shows as up on both ends, and the remote network can access devices on the central network; however, the central network can't access devices on the remote network. I have several other remotes with a similar configuration (each remote network has a unique outward IP and internal subnet) which work fine (i.e., both ways). I've gone through all the devices, comparing settings, and, aside from the differing public IPs and private subnets, everything seems identical. Any idea what/where I should check in the setup?

Category: Mid Range Firewalls

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    bretdbretd Newbie ✭
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    The issue was one of the appliance ports (X2-X7) had been assigned the same subnet as the remote location. (There had been a reason at the time, but the port subnet assignment hadn't been removed). The appliance therefore had two options for the remote subnet, and selected the higher priority, local one (no packets were lost).

    Once the duplicate subnet assignment had been removed from the appliance port, the remote network came online.


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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    Run a packet capture on both ends to see where the traffic is dropping.

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