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NetExtender and LAN Printing

I previously asked this question and marked it answered. It worked initially but for some reason has stopped.

Anyway here is the original question

Hello I'm having trouble figuring out how to edit the bat file for Net Extender to allow a local printer to be available while the Net Extender connection is active. I'm trying to do this on my machine from home first, and once I get it working I'll apply it to my two users who permanently work remote.

However, if there is a better way than editing a bat file to make this work I would really like to do that! I've noticed when I use Express VPN for personal use I never have any of these issues, and I understand it's likely for security, but I have tunneling enabled on my sonic wall at work and still no dice. Anyway, here's the line from the bat file I'm trying to edit. I really appreciate the help!

net use LPT1 \\\DESTROYER\HP718FC4 /user:WORKGROUP\seang

So DESTROYER is the netbios name of this PC, HP718FC4 is the name of the printer, WORKGROUP obviously and my user is seang. It's just not working for some reason.

Then this is the solution that worked for me

try below. make sure the HP printer is hosted & shared on destroyer (pc name)

net use LPT1 \\DESTROYER\HP718FC4 /persistent:yes

Once it stopped working I tried replacing netbios with IP address and no dice. What should I do next?

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    AjishlalAjishlal Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭
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    It can be happen if the LPT port is changed. If its same try below steps in the scripts.

    net use LPT1 /Delete

    net use LPT1 \\DESTROYER\HP718FC4 /persistent:yes


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    It seems to have worked. I did notice that the port I'm using for my printer is WSD for web service device, does that need to replace LPT1 in the two lines you gave?

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