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Analytics 2.5 API endpoint /analytics

St4ckOv3rflowSt4ckOv3rflow Newbie ✭

Hello Sonicwall Community,

we are using the Analytics on-prem (Build: 2520.2019) to monitor 2 firewalls.

Can anyone explain me how to use Analytics API endpoint "/analytics"? I need to get information about web traffic around a specific timespan, but I'm unable to get a response with results.

I'm not sure what parameters I have to set in my request. Can anyone give me a few examples requesting data around a specific timespan?

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics


  • dpreshawdpreshaw SonicWall Employee


    Here is a knowledge base article that goes over the basics of executing API with Flow Based Analytics. Syslog Based Analytics does not support API.

    On Prem Analytics - Use API to query AppFlow data | SonicWall

    The article shows only the basics of executing an API using the API Explorer built into the application. However, you can also download all available APIs using the link at the top of the API Explorer page. The API list can be imported into other API clients, such as Postman.

  • Thanks for the reply. We are using a flow based analytics. 

    I do know how to use other API endpoints, but I'm struggeling to use the /analytics endpoint. Thats why I'm asking for a few examples on how to query the analytics appliance for web traffic in a specific time range. I'm using following request, but not receiving any useful data:


    Response is as follows:

    Status: 200 OK - "no such table: url"

    Do I have to specify the dbIndex parameter? How do I get the dbindex if needed?

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