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ISP is changing, new public IP addresses

My ISP is no longer going to be able to provide service, We've got a new ISP and a new block of static IP addresses. I'm currently using dual 2650's (HA option). I am planning on only having to adjust the IP's in the address objects. I will also need to get the 2650's connected to the new ISP's gateway. We have eight physical servers and a block of 13 public IP's.

My technical ability isn't terrific with these units. I'm a "find an example that's doing what i need" and using that as a template.

In addition to configuring the SonicWall 2650's, We're need to update the internal and external DNS servers. We'll also need to be prepared to update/re-issue our SSL certificates.

Am I overlooking something?


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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    You might be better off adding the new ISP connection on a different WAN interface. Then use Failover & Load balancing features to test functionality. When you are ready to switch off the old ISP just remove the old WAN interface from the Failover group. Yes this means duplicate interfaces, nat policies, access rules, etc. but it's alot less risky than a 'do it all in one shot' cutover.

    Don't forget about public DNS A records for anything pointing to the current setup.

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