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Access Rule Question regarding DNS in Port/Services

Hi there,

Apologies for this silly question - when configuring an access rule, I can set the Port/Services under Destination. I am currently interested in setting up an access rule for DNS only, but there are two options, DNS (Name Service) and DNS (Name Service) TCP. There is a third called DNS (Name Service) UDP but I think I do not need to use that particular service.

Is someone able to tell me the differences between the settings? I can't find the proper info on the Sonicwall Help.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    NatNat Newbie
    edited September 2022 Answer ✓

    DNS (Name Service) is a group which include DNS (Name Service) TCP AND DNS (Name Service) UDP.

    In most cases, allowing DNS (Name Service) UDP would be good enough. Majority still using UDP for DNS.

    DNS (Name Service) UDP = UDP Port 53

    DNS (Name Service) TCP = TCP Port 53

    DNS (Name Service) = TCP 53+UDP53

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