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NetExtender slow to connect when many users connected

leohsuleohsu Newbie ✭

Has anyone experienced slow NetExtender connection with more and more users connected? For example, with few users connected it takes around 5 seconds to finish connecting. However, with many users (50+), it will take one minute or more to connect. Using NSA2700, already on latest firmware (5080) and NetExtender (10.2.331), and CPU utilization stays at 10-15% during connects.

Category: SSL VPN

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    VivekVivek SonicWall Employee
    Answer ✓

    Hi @leohsu , The fix is actually a combination of both the Nx Clients and the Firmware upgrade.

    If the majority of the remote users are still operating with pre 10.2.331 then you will very likely continue to observe slower connection speeds to the firewall as reported.


  • VivekVivek SonicWall Employee

    Greetings @leohsu - welcome to the communities.

    The Issue rescribed by you is fixed in the 7.0.1-5080 firmware.

    Are all of the remote users on 10.2.331? or are some of the users perhaps on versions older versions of Nx clients?

  • leohsuleohsu Newbie ✭

    Yes we updated to 7.0.1-5080 firmware mainly for this fix. However, there was no difference in NetExtender connection completion speed after the update. Most of the users are not on the latest NetExtender, but from our observations using older NetExtender versions and the latest (10.2.331) have no difference in connection completion speed.

  • CRISLCRISL Newbie ✭


    Unfortunately, we have also experienced (NSa6700 - SonicOS 7.0.1-5080) that the SSLVPN connection is extremely slow for more than 50+ users.

    It takes even longer if OTP is used. Individual clients with 10.2.331 also take a long time. So we don't yet believe that it will really be faster if all clients have been updated. Can anyone verify this?

  • leohsuleohsu Newbie ✭

    Now at over 110 users connected, new users who try to connect mostly will fail (with old or newest NetExtender). Does SMA work better than this?

  • CRISLCRISL Newbie ✭

    Hi @leohsu ,

    with the same environment and configuration but on Gen6, there were no issues and lags with 120 users. Even with OTP it went very quickly. Also no increased CPU load on the NSa device.

  • VivekVivek SonicWall Employee

    Hello @CRISL and @leohsu

    Since you are both continuing to observe this Issue , I suggest please calling in to support and reporting this problem. Support should be able to review this further and facilitate ahead.

  • I am experiencing similar issue with low throughput on the sslvpn connections. I have contacted support and have not found a resolution to the issue. These connections lag and cause RDP session to be extremely painful and disconnect. Tested ISP connection, created UDP rules for interfaces, verified latest firmware on FW -NSA3600, verified setting (by support) uninstalled and reinstalled client -

    SSLVPN throughput average 10 -20Mbps

    L2TP throughput averages 90 - 100Mbps

    Internal throughput on site LAN 950Mbps - 1Gb

    Test performed on same machines no change between -

    Still searching for resolution

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