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Question : NSa sending files to FortiSandbox for analysis

SunaBaneSunaBane SonicWall Employee

Hi, Can NSa submit files (after extracting from network traffic) to a 3rd party Sandbox ?

If yes, can the 3rd party sandbox update the NSa with malware signature (after verdict) ?

Do we have any use case of this kind of integration ?

Thanks in advance.

Category: Mid Range Firewalls

Best Answer


  • SunaBaneSunaBane SonicWall Employee

    Thanks @shiprasahu93 for the quick response.

  • MasterRoshiMasterRoshi Moderator
    edited May 2020

    @SunaBane , if you require on-prem sandboxing due to regulatory/sovereignty requirements -- we will launch one in a couple of months. Talk to your SonicWall sales team.

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