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Used and Unused Rules Filter for Gen7 devices


I've noticed the new filter method on Gen7 Devices Access Rules page, where I could filter to only "Used Rules" and set a time range for example "Since: Last 1 hour".

But on all my tested Gen7 devices, this seems not to work as I would understand it.

I expected that this filter shows me only the Rules that got hit in the Last 1 hour. But instead, it does not filter anything. Last hit was 3 days ago. Even resetting the Counter for that Rule did not change anything

Can someone explain me how this is intended to work?

Would be a very useful Filter for cleaning up Firewall Rules.


Category: Mid Range Firewalls


  • LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    @SimonT Interesting observation.

    The latest OS7 book I could find on the Technical Documentation website is:

    SonicOS Rules and Policies Administration Guide

    Updated - January 2022

    Software Version - 7

    232-005343-10 Rev B

    It does not describe these fields, nor how they should operate.

    It seems SonicWall likes to keep everyone guessing...

  • SimonTSimonT Newbie ✭

    Does someone of the Sonicwall Employees here have some information?

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